Hardy Plumbing has the worst customer service.A rep from the company came to the house at 9 am to state they cannot repair the issue because someone else installs piping tubes.

I was told by that same company rep after he went and made a call back to the office of Hardy Plumbing that was at my location that the work will be complete 18 Dec 2015. Someone will be back out to install the piping tube and flush the system at 2pm. I spoke to 3 other people who represent Hardy Plumbing (Mr. Corey, Williams, and Eric) throughout the day trying to find out when the other plumber will come out and repair my issue.

After talking with Mr. Williams 3 separate times Mr. Eric finally gives me a call at 6 pm stating to they are enroute to my location. When Mr.

Eric and another gentlemen shows up he is very polite installs and the piping tube. After the piping tube is installed he tells me he cannot complete the job. He only installs hardware another person in the company has to finish the repair. I explain to him what has taken place through the course of the day and he calls Mr Gary, his manager.

I spoke to Mr Gary and he tells me before our conversation ended that someone will call me within a hour because the person that does the other part of the repair is on a service call right now. I didn't receive a phone call.

I tried to call Mr Gary back to receive no answer from him.And to come to find out this morning (19 Dec 2015) Hardy Plumbing is closed and my plumbing is still not fixed after being told by three different people that my repair will be completed yesterday, 18 Dec 2015, (Mr Corey, Mr William, and Mr Gary).

Anyone reading this review please understand the management and staff of this company will directly lie to you to get you off the phone, then not ans your phone calls, and not complete work as they promised.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall dissatisfied with Hardy Plumbing Of Georgia. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I was called this morning by the company. They are coming out to complete my repair. The work is great no complaints there, I only advise the company to be straight up when talking and dealing with customers.

I do thank Hardy Plumbing for making my repair a priority this morning.


I will called this morning after writing review and the company is coming this morning to complete the repair.

Thank you, Hardy Plumbing

Please keep in mind that to be upfront with customers is the best policy. I appreciate the work being complete and they did a great job no issues with the worm that was completed.

Thx again

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